What Not To Wear To Someone Else’s Wedding

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At almost every wedding there is a girl or a woman who has never heard of such a dress code for the ceremony. These women often dress inappropriately and attract all the attention on the wedding, but not in a positive way. This can make the bride feel uncomfortable and it may ruin her wedding. That is why serli and siroan toronto will tell you exactly what not to wear to someone else’s wedding. Be reasonable, it is not that complicated.

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When you think about a certain wedding that you need to attend as a guest, remember that your task is not to dazzle everyone in the room, but it is the day of the newlyweds who you love and respect. Of course this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to be dressed nice, but this day is not about you.

You should you wear feminine, ladylike and elegant outfit, with just a slight touch of sex appeal but do not exaggerate. There are lots of boutiques that sell quite a lot of beautiful dresses and overalls for such celebrations.

Girls in long white dresses (which strangely look a lot like a wedding dress), women with ruffles and miniskirts, violate two unwritten rules of a dress code and if you want to prevent that from happening to you, remember ten things that are inappropriate for a wedding, unless the bride and groom request it.

White Dress:

For obvious reasons. White shoes, handbag, hat and skirt are allowed.

Short skirt or dress:

Wedding is not a country-club. Wear something feminine and polite.

Glamorous, wide and long dress:

This is not your day, so the dress should not be very striking.

Dress in Mermaid cut:

If the bride has the same cut dress that would be a big problem.

A dress with no bra:

If you have large breasts or if the dress is made of thin material, then this can be extremely distasteful.

Dress with big cleavage:

The focus on the photographs shouldn’t be on your chest, and the people sitting at the table could feel awkward.

Transparent dresses and blouses:

For obvious reasons.

Combination of tops and skirts:

The wedding celebration is not the kind of celebration where you can show your stomach.


Just like skirts and dresses of denim.

Animal print:

Unless the dress is very delicate and it is in fashion this year, stay away from patterns of zebras, leopards and tigers for these celebrations.

Neon colors:

Marriage is not a rave party from 20 years ago. Do not act like a rebellious teenager.

Pay attention to the dress code at a wedding celebration, be elegant, be a lady. The outfit should be elegant, classy and stylish. Not too colorful or too sparkly. Of course, there is nothing wrong of loving colors but you should be dressed appropriately if you don’t want everyone to talk about you – but not positively.